Our vision is for the UK to have one place to organise your next sports game or match. Initially created for Football, we have built REAL-TIME technology to allow booking of all sports in

The UK has a vibrant sports culture , but it’s not easy to get playing when facing so many different suppliers like Gyms, Councils, Schools and Powerleague! Our single platform powers you to do exactly that, plus a 5% GUARANTEED SAVING. The end-result is more of the local pitches and courts staying open and more people active = A self-serving and positive cycle.


We were inspired by the changes in the Hotel industry, and think it’s high time for the Sports industry to innovate and be closer to local customers. Not only can we guarantee extra income, but better management too. If you work for a Facility old/new or small/large then please take a look at what we offer and find out more here.


PitchWise is in its initial phase of roll out and we really care about your experience and suggestions: info@pitchwise.co.uk

For PR, Partnerships and Corporate enquiries please write to corporate@pitchwise.co.uk.

Thank you

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